Freight Zones

Bahamas Ferries has prided itself on its revolutionary service. Over the past few years the company has grown with addition of new vessels. We have updated the freight distribution process to meet this demand. During the month of December, Wholesale Partners were invited to take part in a site inspection of the new Freight Zones put in place to alleviate some of congestion experienced on Potter’s Cay Dock.

These seven zones are equipped to collect and distribute freight from our everyday customer who may have an envelope to a pallet or our commercial customer who have heavier items such as lumber to containerized freight.

During the sight inspection, Mrs. Ursula Smith, Mr. Gregory Mackey Freight Manager and Mrs. Joy Armbrister Customer Service Manager hosted Mr. Patrick Treco and Mr. K’ron Lightbourne from Caribbean Bottling Company along with Mr. Wellington Cunningham from Milo Butler. These Customers were pleased to see the innovation put in place on their behalf. A map of the zones were provided to share with their team. They now know exactly where to go and when to go. The Zone Signs provide a clear indication for the designated areas.   Most importantly, this all meant shorter delivery times allowing for more productivity.

For those who have not been able to visit Potter’s Cay Dock due to job constraints, they will be visited in person by our team. We want to assure our customers and business partners that we will always listen to their concerns and address them immediately. We will continue to put processes in place for a seamless and pleasant customer experience.


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